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i still wish i could have pink hair so badly >.< but it wont be professional..sigh that work life though
kiss kiss to my rave sis <3
tehehe clumsy marshmallow :) marshmallow strugs
tehe pet bunny <3
going to try and recreate this bra for my day 2 Escape wonderland mermaid outfit :) 
still don’t know what to be on day 1..maybe a fairy?
Anonymous asked:
Are you a mam on wheels, feet, paws or stilts? Be honest now!

I do not limit myself to any singular mode of mam transportation. I prefer to have creative license over my mamportation desires, and decide to be a mam on wheels, feet, paws, stilts, shoes, heels, flippers, roller blades, snowshoes, or skis, depending solely on my mood that day. I believe having an open mind is the key to having a unique and fulfilling mamsperience. 

Rawr ;)
west coast best coast <3 
omg all of gossip girl in an elevator! <3
Worlds <3
omgosh i wish the walls of my room looked like this